Despite the growing popularity of the Football Ultimate Team mode and the novelty solo adventure, Carrière mode remains one of the main activities of FIFA 18 . This year it contains many interesting new management functions. Since several opus now, Career mode allowed us to manage either a complete team or a single player (we could create a player from scratch or choose one from the game database). In this guide you will find tips to become the next Pep Guardiola or Diego Simeone. It serves as a complement to our other previously published FIFA guides.

First of all, we have to choose the group we want among the different leagues available. A big team, an average team or one of those who struggle to avoid relegation. From now on, to succeed at FIFA 18, it is not enough just to win titles or manage your finances. Club owners set targets in five different areas.



The five requirements of management are divided according to the level of their requirements: max, high, medium, low and very low. Let's take a look at these requirements before entering the career mode by itself as this will help us make our first decision:

1. National Success

Here, depending on what the board asks you, you must reach a specific position in the national league. This goal is not based on current rankings or trends, but rather on the reputation and value of your team. 
2. Continental Success

As for the previous goal, but this time about the Champions League or the Europa League. If we manage a team that is not in international competition for this season, then the board can ask us to qualify for the next edition.

3. Marketing / Club Development

What club leaders want is that we value the prestige and marketing around our institution. For this, they set an amount to achieve through the sale of jerseys for example. To achieve this goal, it is good to have international stars WITH astuce fifa 18.

4. Finances

Having a team with development potential is the same as managing a team of the world's elite. Board members will ask us to manage our budget while meeting their expectations, by valuing the market value of our workforce for example. The key is to properly manage the signing of new players while keeping an eye on the numbers. If you end the season with a negative balance, chances are not to be extended ...

5. Youth Development

Finally, according to the criteria of the leaders, you will have to evolve your group of young players. To achieve this, a young player can be signed to a specific position, having players who integrate the first team if their potential is above average. The possibilities are enormous and the requirements are different depending on the budget. For small teams where money is limited, leaning young players, especially the training center, proves to be beneficial and establishes trust with the board of directors.

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